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ChinaLesotho Relations

1. Political Relations

The People's Republic of China and the Kingdom of Lesotho established diplomatic relations in Apr.1983. In April 1990, the Lesotho military government resumed the so-called diplomatic ties with Taiwan, which consequently led to the severance of China-Lesotho diplomatic relations. On Jan. 12, 1994, the government of Basotho Congress Party re-established diplomatic relations with China. Since then bilateral relations between the two counties have enjoyed smooth development.

The senior officials of China who paid visit to Lesotho are as follows: Minster of Metallurgical Industry Li Dongye ( 1985), Vice Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Lu Xuejian (1988), Foreign Minister Qian Qichen (1989),  Assistant Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Liu Xiangdong (1994), Assistant Foreign Minister Wang Changyi(1995), Assistant Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Sun Guangxiang (1997), Assistant Foreign Minister Ji Peiding (1997), Assistant Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation He Xiaowei ( 2000), Deputy Chief of the General Staff of PLA Kui Fulin (2002), Vice Foreign Minister Yang Wenchang ( 2002), Special Assistant Minister of Culture Chang Keren (2002) and Vice Minister of Department of Foreign Liasion of Communist Party of China Wang Jiarui (2002). In 2004, a delegation from Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries led by Vice Chairperson of Political Consultative Conference of Shanghai Municipality Xie Lijuan paid a good-will visit to Lesotho. 

The senior officials of Lesotho who paid visit to China are as follows: Prime Minister Jonathan (1983), King Moshoeshoe II (1985), Queen Mamohato (1987), Foreign Minister Qhobela (1994), Foreign Minister Maope (1997), King Letsie III (1999), Commandor of Lesotho Defence Force Mosakeng(2001), Prime Minister Mosisili (2001), Foreign Minister Tsekoa (2003), Deputy Prime Minister Lehohla (2004) and Speaker of National Assembly Motsamai (2004). Foreign Minister Thabane and Minister of Industry and Trade Malie were invited to China to participate in the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation / Ministerial Conference Beijing (2000). Foreign Minister Tsekoa and Minister of Agriculture and Food Security Phororo attended the Second Ministerial Conference of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (2003).

2. Trade Relations and Economic Cooperation

The Chinese government has completed 10 aid-projects in Lesotho including vegetable planting, methane technical guidance, National Convention Center and Butha-Buthe Industrial Park. Of all the projects, the National Convention Center is the largest one with a total building area of 6000 square meters. The construction started in March, 1996 and the Center was delivered to Lesotho side in Apil, 1999. Now, the aid-project Lesotho National Library and Archives is now under construction. In 2001, China remitted the expired debt that Lesotho should repay before the end of 1999. Trade volume between the two countries in 2002 reached US$24.508 million (complete Chinese export).

3. Exchanges in the fields of Culture, Education and Health

China and Lesotho signed an implementation agreement on cultural exchange in 2000. Between 2001 and 2004, the two sides realized the exchange of of visits by culture ministers and cultural troops. Fine arts and paintings from each nation were exhibited respectively in capitals of the two countries.

China donated a computer lab to National University of Lesotho (NUL) in 2000. Since 2001, 4 teahcers have been working in NUL. The Government of China provides two scholarships for Basotho students annually. There are currently 8 Basotho students now studying in China. 

China sent its first medical team to Lesotho in June, 1997, and the second team to Lesotho in June 1999. The third team of 7 medical personel began their work in Lesotho in November, 2002. The fourth team of 15 docters is now working in Queen II Hospital.

4. Important bilateral documents

The Joint Communiqué on the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between the People's Republic of China and the Kingdom of Lesotho.

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