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Ambasador Sun Xianghua Held the Reception Marking the 20th Anniversary of the Chinese Medical Teams in Lesotho as well as Seeing-off and Welcoming the Current and In-coming Medical Teams

On 13 October 2016, H.E. Dr. Sun Xianghua, Ambassador of China to Lesotho, held a Reception Marking the 20 Anniversary of the Chinese Medical Teams in Lesotho as well as Seeing-off and Welcoming the Current and In-coming Medical Teams. Hon. Molotsi Monyamane (Minister of Health), Hon. Tlohang Sekhamane (Minister of Foreign Affairs), Hon. Molahlehi Letlotlo (Minister of Social Development), Hon. Mokoto Hloaele (Minister of Development Planning), Ms. Mamello Morrison (Senior Private Secretary to the Right Honourable Prime Minister), principal secretaries and other officials of the Ministries, 18 members of the Tenth and the Eleventh Chinese Medical Teams to Lesotho, Representatives of the Chinese Community in Lesotho and friends from media attended this reception.


In his speech Dr. Sun said, over 130 Chinese doctors had treated half a million patient in Lesotho in the past 20 years, which told the unwavering commitment of assistance of the Chinese government and people to the wellbeing of Basotho friends and became a concrete example of the long-term friendship between the two countries. Dr. Sun commended the excellent work by the tenth team and pointed out that in the process of their treatment, illness and pains were got ridden off the patients' bodies, but friendship and trust between China and Lesotho were planted in their hearts. Dr. Sun welcomed the eleventh team, encouraging them to make new and bigger contribution to the bilateral friendship.


Hon. Monyamane recalled the memory of the signing of bilateral protocol of medical cooperation in 1996, thanked the Chinese medical teams for their contribution to the Lesotho health sector. He appreciated the development of health sector, the medical technology and the foreign cooperation of China and hoped the two countries could cooperate more in health sector.


Hon. Sekhamane thanked China's support to Lesotho including the health sector and commended that the selfless and professional manner of the Chinese medical teams had contributed immensely to the well-being of the society.


Dr. Liu Weihong, Head of the tenth team, presented the work report, introducing what they have achieved. Dr. Zou Ran, Head of the eleventh team, committed themselves to carry forward the Chinese Medical Teams Spirit and complete their mission with due contribution.


Meanwhile, the Embassy also exhibited historic photos of the Chinese Medical Teams to Lesotho.


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