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Ambassador SUN Xianghua held the Reception for Assuming Office

On the 13th June, H. E. Mr. Sun Xianghua held the Reception for his assumption of office as the 10th Ambassador of the People's Republic of China to the Kingdom of Lesotho. The Right Honorable Prime Minister and Mrs. Mosisili, the President of Senate HRH. Prince Seeiso, the Hon.  Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Relations Sekhamane, as well as Cabinet Ministers and Deputy Ministers of Home Affairs, Justice, Police, Finance, Local Government, Energy, Communication and Agriculture etc., attended the Reception. There were also Senators and Members of Parliament, high level LDF and police officers including LDF Commander Lt. General Kamoli, Representatives of Diplomatic Corps, Chinese communities and companies present at the reception.



In his remarks Ambassador Sun indicated that China and Lesotho shared the similar historical experiences and cordial friendship, had similar views on many important international affairs. The Chinese People cherish the friendly relationship with Lesotho. As the new Chinese Ambassador to Lesotho, he felt a great sense of responsibility to promote the two countries' bilateral relations and practical cooperation. He believed the China-Lesotho friendship and cooperation would be ushered into a new era through the joint efforts from both sides.


Ambassador Sun also said that China had achieved laudable progress in political, economic and social development since its establishment, especially since its reform and opening up. This year marks the first year of the 13th five year plan of China's economic and social development. During the next five years, China will adopt an innovative, coordinated, green, inclusive and sharing development concept, and speed up its efforts in economic and structural reforms. As the biggest developing country in the world, China's further development will enable it to make more and greater contribution to the world at large, and to the African countries in particular.


Ambassador Sun pointed out that since its independence 50 years ago, Lesotho had been actively exploring a path of development that suited its national conditions, made unrelenting efforts to safeguard its hard-won independence, sovereignty, stability and continuously improved the livelihood of its people. As Lesotho's sincere friend, China was willing to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with Lesotho in all fields. Last year, China proposed ten Cooperation plans on the FOCAC Johannesburg Summit. These plans would provide a great opportunity to further China-Lesotho friendly cooperation, and support Lesotho's efforts in realizing self-sufficient and self-reliant development.



Honorable Minister Sekhamane, making reamrks on behalf of the Government of Lesotho, extended warm welcome to Ambassador Sun. He commended the China-Lesotho relations of friendly cooperation and spoke highly of the two countries' cooperation in the fields of infrastructure construction, health and medical care, human resources, capacity building, agriculture and food security.  Lesotho would work closely with China in implementing the FOCAC Johannesburg Summit measures, to deepen the practical cooperation between two countries. Hon. Minister also spoke highly of China's positive role in Africa's development and in maintaining world peace and security. Hon. Sekhamane reiterated that Lesotho supported the One China Policy, and remained optimistic that one day the Chinese People would realize the reunification of their territories. He also expressed his hope that the increasing tensions in the South China Sea would be resolved through peaceful dialogue, keeping in line with the principles of territorial sovereignty and integrity.



The Rt. Hon. Prime Minister Mosisili and other guests expressed their best wishes to Ambassador Sun and the development of bilateral relationship. The Lesotho mainstream media LTV, Lesotho News Agency, radios and newspaper made full coverage of the reception.


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