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Lesotho will participate at the Shanghai Exposition 2010 which will run for six months starting from May 01 to October 30 next year. The theme for EXPO 2010 is 'Better City, Better Life'.

Lesotho has been invited by China to participate at this exposition with other countries across the globe.

In preparation for this worldwide event, the Lesotho Government and the China-based company, MAR Exhibition Management GmbH signed a contract on the construction of Lesotho Pavilion at the Shanghai EXPO 2010.

The Deputy Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Trade and Industry, Cooperatives and Marketing also Commissioner General of Section-Lesotho, Mrs. 'Mabafokeng Ncholu signed on behalf of the Lesotho Government while Mr. Michael Radiky signed for MAR.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mrs. Ncholu said the agreement spells out how Lesotho will work during the China EXPO 2010.

"MAR has been given the responsibility to construct Lesotho Pavilion, which will exhibit actual, concrete realization of the abstract concept of Tradition and Modern cities based on several actual projects," she said.

She added that the Lesotho Pavilion on the theme of 'Tradition and Modern Cities' will showcase the developments in rural and urban in relation to general decentralization of services focusing on the existing achievements.

Also speaking, Mr. Radiky applauded Lesotho for high level of professionalism and commitment displayed in ensuring the success of the project.

Mr. Radiky therefore pledged to provide quality service for constructing the best pavilion for Lesotho.

Meanwhile, as part of the visit in the country, MAR visited places like Mohale Dam which will form part of the Pavilion to showcase Lesotho's natural beauty hence a benchmark of Lesotho's tourism.

The team also held a meeting with key stakeholders in the country that include the ministries of Foreign Affairs, Communications, Science and Technology , Tourism, Environment and Culture and of Trade and Industry, Cooperatives and Marketing.

The project is funded by the government of the People's Republic of China.

The last time Lesotho participated at the World Exposition was in 2000 in Germany.

(Source: Lesotho News Agency, 22/04/2009 )

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