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The Chinese Embassy, Lesotho Government and WFP held Hand-over Ceremony of China's assistance to WFP in support of the school feeding project in Lesotho

On 17May 2019, Ma Guoliang, Economic and Commercial Counselor of Chinese Embassy, attended the hand-over ceremony of China's assistance to WFP in support of the school feeding project in Lesotho.About 40 people attended the ceremony, including Hon. Dr. Ntoi Rapapa, Minister of Education and Training, Hon. Halebonoe Sets'abi, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Relations, Ms. Mary Njoroge, Country Director of WFP in Lesotho, Principal Secretaries of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Relations and Ministry of Education and Training, as well asjournalists from major local media.

CounselorMa, Hon. Dr. Ntoi Rapapa, Hon. Halebonoe Sets'abi and Ms. Mary Njoroge and relevant officials inspected the goods in the warehouse, and the latter spoke highly of the good quality of the goods.

In his remarks, CounselorMasaidthatthe Chinese Government provides one Million USD contribution to WFP in support of the school feeding project in Lesotho. More than 60 thousand pre-school childrenwill be benefited from the aid program. It was an important achievement of the eight major initiatives of FOCAC Beijing Summit and the implementation of the outcomes of Rt. Hon. Prime Minister's officialvisit to China in September 2018. Counselor Ma introducedthe successful implementation of the bilateral emergency food aid project and other major priority aid projects in recent years and emphasized that the Chinese Government would continue to provide support to the economic and social development of Lesotho.

Ms. Mary Njoroge said that China was one of the most important partners of WFP. She sincerely appreciated the selfless assistance from the Chinese Government to the pre-school children in Lesotho. This contribution of 665 MT of Super Cereal Plus came at a critical time and made a difference in the lives of thousands children. She called on other countries to come forward with China and work with WFP to help the Lesotho Government confront food shortage.

Hon. Halebonoe Sets'abi, on behalf of the government and people of Lesotho, expressed gratitude to the valuable aid from China. He said, China was playing a vital role in Africa's development under the framework of the FOCAC.As one of the most reliable friendsand important development partners of Lesotho, the Chinese Government promotedthe implementation of a series of major projects which made a difference in the economic and social development of Lesotho and the lives of Basotho. Hon. Halebonoe Sets'abi reaffirmed Lesotho's position of adhering to the One China Policy and believed China is sure to realize peaceful reunification at an early date.

Hon. Dr. Ntoi Rapapa said the food aid was a priceless gift of life to the people of Lesotho, with which the Chinese are sharing their sweat with Basotho. He sincerely thanked the Chinese government's help and emphasized the goods will be distributed to the children as soon as possible.


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