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The Chinese Embassy and Lesotho Government held Hand-over Ceremony of the Emergency Food Aid From China to Lesotho
On 19 April 2018, H.E. Dr. Sun Xianghua, Ambassador of China to Lesotho, attended the hand-over ceremony of the emergency food Aid from China to Lesotho and signed the hand-over certificate with Hon. Halebonoe Sets'abi, Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Relations on behalf of each other's government. Roughly 40 people attended the ceremony, including Hon. Temeki Phoenix Ts'olo, Minister of the Prime Minister's Office, Principal Secretaries, directors of different departments, and journalists.
Ambassador Sun and Lesotho government officials inspected the food aid in the granary, and the latter spoke highly of the good quality of the food.
In his remarks, Ambassador Sun indicated that this was the second batch of food aid from China to Lesotho for the financial year of 2017/2018 since the first batch of food aid handed over on 16 Nov, 2017. In 2016, the Government of China provided a batch of food aid to Lesotho. More than 400 thousand people were benefited from the aid program. This year, the Government of China increased the amount of food aid, which fully proved the profound friendship between our two countries. Ambassador Sun pointed out that the Government of China had been making its contribution to mitigate the negative impact of climate change for a long time. In the future, China will continue to enhance its cooperation in the field of agricultural modernization with African countries including Lesotho to improve the food security and socio-economic development.
Hon. Halebonoe Sets'abi, on behalf of the government and people of Lesotho, expressed gratitude to the valuable aid from China. He said, the food aid for the past two years fully showed China was the true reliable partner, sincere friend and good brother of Lesotho. Hon. Halebonoe Sets'abi indicated that the Government of Lesotho would resolutely support the upcoming FOCAC Summit to be held on 3-4 September 2018 in Beijing. He believed the unwavering efforts China made through this noble initiative would continue to shape the social-economic development of Lesotho and Africa as a whole. Hon. Halebonoe Sets'abi reaffirmed Lesotho's position of adhering to the One China Policy and believed China is sure to realize peaceful reunification at an early date.
Hon. Temeki Phoenix Ts'olo said the food aid was a priceless gift of life to the people of Lesotho, with which the Chinese are sharing their sweat with Basotho. He sincerely thanked the Chinese government's help on behalf of the Prime Minister's office and emphasized the food will be distributed to the public as soon as possible.
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