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Chinese Ambassador HE. Dr. Sun Xianghua Interviewed by Ultimate Radio Lesotho

On 21 April 2017, H.E. Dr. Sun Xianghua, Ambassador of China to Lesotho, received an interview broadcast live by Ultimate Radio on the booklet of My China Stories 2017, which was newly launched by the Chinese Embassy.


Answering the questions of the presenter, Ambassador Sun introduced how this book came into being and what the current China-Lesotho relations were like. Ambassador Sun said that the idea of this book was originally inspired by Basotho's celebration of the 50 Anniversary of her Independence. Last year also saw the comprehensive implementation of the outcomes of the Johannesburg Summit of FOCAC (Forum on China-Africa Cooperation). Reflecting the history and looking forward to the future should be the way to review the China-Lesotho relations. Therefore the Chinese Embassy initiated a China Stories writing competition by soliciting stories from Basotho, in a wish to listening to ordinary Basotho about their opinion on our relationship. It was amazing that we received around 40 plus interesting and moving stories. I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to all the contributors. The Embassy carefully compiled them into a booklet My China Stories 2017, and selected 3 Best China Stories and 10 Outstanding China Stories.

China-Lesotho relationship is a fine example of state-to-state relationship based on mutual respect, equality, mutual benefit and common development. China and Lesotho are both developing countries with similar historical experiences, sharing similar positions on international and regional issues, as well as having the common aspiration for social and economic development. Under the joint efforts of both sides, the bilateral cooperation bears lots of fruits in various areas such as agriculture, public health, food security, infrastructure, human resource development and so on. People-to-people exchanges are vibrant. Bilateral investment and trade are gaining momentum under China's preferential tariff exemption policy. An increasing number of students and trainee are going to China, and Chinese nationals in Lesotho are making greater contribution in creating jobs and promoting local people's livelihood. 

This book provides a holistic picture from ordinary Basotho's viewpoint about what is happening between China and Lesotho, and will definitely enhance people's understanding of the China-Lesotho relationship. Looking forward, with the development of multilateralism and globalization, especially with China playing a bigger role in international affairs, China-Africa and China-Lesotho relations will gain new momentum. The friendship between China and Lesotho needs to be nurtured and contributed from both the Chinese and Basotho. I hope this book will inspire more Basotho to learn about China and the Chinese language, and encourage the Chinese people in Lesotho to contribute more to the local community.

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