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Remarks by H.E. Ambassador HU Dingxian at the reception in honour of the Shanghai University Art Troupe
(July 15,2013)

May I start by paying my respect to H.M. King Letsie III and Rt. Hon. Prime Minister Dr. Motsoahae Thomas Thabane, and all other protocols observed.

Hon. Mamahele Radebe, Minster of Tourism, Environment and Culture
Hon. Makabelo Mosothoane, Minister of Education and Training,
And Other Senior officials,
H.E. Gao Deyi, Head of the Art Troupe,
And Teachers and Students from Shanghai,
Leaders of the Chinese Communities in Lesotho,
Distinguished Guests,
Friends from news media,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Good evening!

It gives me pleasure to be invited to this Reception in honour of The Shanghai University Art Troupe by the Ministry of Tourism, Environment and Culture of Lesotho.

First of all, I wish to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude to the Ministry of Education and Training and the Ministry of Tourism, Environment and Culture for their kind invitation to the Art Troupe, and to Hon. Makabelo Mosothoane and Hon. Mamahele Radebe and their teams for the hospitality and concerted efforts, without which the visit and the performance could not be so successful. We've been working together for many weeks on this event. And it turns out that their arrangements are cordial and considerate.

I wish also to extend, once again, my warm congratulations to H.E. Gao Deyi and all members of the Art Troupe for the complete success of the performance last night. I suppose Their Majesties, the King and the Queen and other audience did enjoy the celebration and a wonderful evening.

I believe that these young people have done their best to illustrate the charms of Chinese culture through songs, dances, acrobatics and martial arts, etc. I appreciate it, since it is also my mission here to bring our two peoples together and to make them understand each other and become friends. I think we do get closer today in this hall. This morning, the troupe paid a visit to an orphanage in Maseru. The students, together with the local Chinese Communities, showed their love and care for the kids there by giving them gifts or donation, and had interaction with them. Although they cannot help those kids much in materials, I think, it is significant, since we should make those needy and vulnerable groups aware of that even from thousands of miles away there are many friends who do care about them in their inner hearts.

Excellencies, ladies and gentlemen,

People to people and cultural exchanges can play an important role in deepening mutual understanding and friendship between our two peoples, and in boosting our bilateral relations. For many years, we've done a lot together in the fields of cultural and educational exchanges and cooperation, and have achieved fruitful results.

I am sure that with increasing contacts and exchanges between the youth and students of our two countries, the seeds of friendship will be sown in their hearts. In the future, the flowers of friendship would be in full bloom and bear more fruits.

Tomorrow morning, the Troupe will be leaving for South Africa. I wish every one of you save and good journey. Bon voyage!

Thank you.

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