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Chinese Ambassador to Lesotho Mr. Sun Xianghua Attended Donation Ceremony with Rt. Hon. Prime Minister Thabane

    On 14 December 2017, H. E. Dr. Sun Xianghua attended the hand-over ceremony of medical equipments and medicines donation by the 12th Chinese Medical Team and the Jo-Jo water tanks donation by the China-Lesotho People to People Friendship Action Fund (CLPPFAF). The Rt. Hon. Prime Minister Dr. Motsoahae Thomas Thabane together with 8 cabinet members including Hon. Samonyane Ntsekele, the Minister of water, Hon. Nyapane Kaya, the Minister of Health, Hon. Motlohi Maliehe, the Minister of Forestry and Land Reclamation, Hon. Temeki P. Ts'olo, Minster in the Prime Minister's Office, Hon. Keketso Sello, the Minister of Mining and MP of Hlotse Constituency, Hon. Lehlohonolo Moramotse, Minister of Public Works and Transport and his deputy Hon. Ts'ehlo Ramarou as well as Hon. Halebonoe J. Setsa'bi, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Relations bestowed the ceremony with their presence. The district administrator and chief of Leribe, director of the Motebang Hospital, representatives of the beneficiary villagers, the Chinese Medical Team and representatives of the Chinese Community were also at the ceremony.

       The Rt. Hon. Dr. Thabane indicated in his remarks that the great nation of China is the true friend of Lesotho and highly commended the close cooperation between the two countries in medical and sanitary services as well as promoting the people's livelihood. He said that the equipments and medicines donated by the Chinese Medical Team and the water tanks donated by CLPPFAF precious gifts met perfectly the needs of the Basotho, and extended on behalf of the government and people of Lesotho cordial appreciations to China.

       Ambassador Sun indicated in his speech that China attaches great importance to developing the China-Lesotho relations and practical cooperation. Over the years, the Chinese Medical Teams have made great contributions to the China-Lesotho medical cooperation and the development of the friendship between both sides. The Chinese compatriots in Lesotho have regarded this country their second homeland, actively giving back to the local communities. He compared water to the source of life while the medical service the guaranty of life. Both the donations embodied the Chinese people's amity with the Basotho people.

       Hon. Kaya, Hon. Sello and Director of the Motebang Hospital also delivered their speeches respectively, extending their gratitude. They highly praised the selfless contributions by the Chinese Medical Teams, which alleviated hundreds of thousands of Basotho patients out of sickness. Also the Chinese community was hailed for their consistent assistances to the Basotho in need. They encouraged the Basotho medical staff and villagers to make good use of the donations in promoting services and livelihoods.

       At the occasion, Mr. Xu Xunhua, the Chief of Chinese Medical Team and Hon. Kaya signed the hand-over certificate, while Hon. Ntsekele, Hon. Kaya, Hon. Sets'abi, Ambassador Sun and Mr. Chen Xing from the CLPPFAF cut the ribbons for the water tanks. LTV, LENA, the Post, Lesotho Times reported on the ceremony.

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