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Charge d'affaires a.i. of Chinese Embassy Mr. Song Changqing Attended Agricultural Donation Ceremony Held by China-Lesotho People-to-People Friendship Action Fund in Butha-Buthe

On 30 October 2017, Mr. Song Changqing, Charge d'affaires a.i. and Political Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy in Lesotho, attended the hand-over ceremony of agricultural donation held by the China-Lesotho People to People Friendship Action Fund to the vulnerable farmers in Butha-Buthe. Hon. Dr Mahali Phamotse, Minister of Justice, Human Rights and Correctional Services, District Administrator of Butha-Buthe, the Area Chief, and representatives of Chinese business community, journalists and local farmers were also present at the ceremony.


The donation was organized by the China-Lesotho People-to-People Friendship Action Fund. A batch of seeds and fertilizers needed for spring ploughing were handed over to 350 families from 7 villages, which will benefit about 1200 people.


Charge d'affaires a.i. Mr. Song indicated in his speech that the Chinese government has been playing an active role in helping Lesotho to develop its agriculture to achieve agriculture and food security through offering training programs on agricultural technology and skills, agricultural cooperation programs and free food aid to Lesotho, etc.. He praised the Chinese business community for their donations to the local communities and encouraged the Chinese and local communities to continue help each other and promote China-Lesotho friendship. Mr. Song also introduced the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, pointing out that "China has entered a new era on its way constructing the socialism with Chinese characteristics" and China will strengthen the mutual beneficial cooperation with African countries, together to achieve the goal of the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and the revitalization and development of the African continent.


Hon. Dr Mahali Phamotse expressed sincere thanks to the unselfish help from Chinese government and the China-Lesotho People-to-People Friendship Action Fund. She encouraged the farmers to make good use of the donation and wished them a good harvest this year. She also called upon Basotho to learn from the Chinese, striving to eliminate poverty and change the country.


Mr. Chen Kehui, President of the China-Lesotho People-to-People Friendship Action Fund, and Mr. Yuqing, representative from the Chinese business community in Butha-Buthe, both expressed in their remarks that the Chinese in Lesotho regard Basotho as brothers and sisters and Chinese business community will continue their efforts in helping the local communities and making greater contribution to the promotion of China-Lesotho friendship.


The Chinese Embassy also donated some school bags and footballs to 7 schools on the ceremony, which was received by the students with great jubilation.


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